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Justice for Veterans

Our country has been in constant war for almost its entire history, building up the military complex, while recruiting people with the promise of a full ride to college, healthcare benefits, and everything that service-members, veterans and military families will ever need. We do an outstanding job in training them and deploying them, but when they come home, they are left to struggle at making ends meet and just barely getting by. 

Veterans are having a hard time finding a job and getting their basic mental and health care needs met. Roughly 40,000 veterans are homeless, and many who were promised citizenship have been deported and discarded by our government. To make things worse, we lose 17 veterans per day to suicide, due to the harsh realities and the lack of care when they come home from war.

It is time to end this and focus on a peace economy that cares for our veteran women and men who have served our country in the armed forces, and their families. 

We must reduce the military industrial complex and redirect funds to ensure that we are putting veterans first.

I am fighting to:

  • Guarantee veteran jobs with livable wages, citizenship, affordable housing, and fully paid education and career training

  • Streamline compensation claims to ensure veterans receive timely care services

  • Fully fund and expand the VA through Medicare For All for fully paid health/dental/vision care, counseling and mental health services without delays or excuses

  • Increase pay for active duty service members, increase federal funding for apprenticeship and job-training programs to cover all veterans and service members transitioning to civilian life

  • Fully fund college education, guarantee housing for all veterans and expand their healthcare coverage to include military families

  • Increase federal funding for grants and loans for veterans seeking to start small businesses small, and extend them to military spouses, and former spouses of service members