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Transit for All

Everyone, regardless of income, has the right to enjoy our country’s public spaces. Fare-free public and expanded transit would make it possible for even low-income families who would otherwise not be able to afford a bus or train ride, to enjoy their right to experience a public park, library or museum.

For too long those of us in marginalized communities, primarily poor and people of color, the ones who depend most on and pay for the public transit system, keep getting the short end of the stick. The poor and working-class people are the ones who work hard to ensure that the more affluent can enjoy a higher standard of living, yet are having a hard time making ends meet or even to pay for a transit ticket. Our people are the first ones getting harassed, ticketed and arrested by transit officers, ever contributing to the prison pipeline.


Picture how hard it is to get to work when you cannot afford to pay, or to get a job when you have several tickets that you can't also pay adding up misdemeanors.

The benefits go far beyond collective economic, environmental and social justice, it takes us closer to a sustainable, equitable and democratic government that offers a higher standard of living to everyone. It encourages transit ridership, which eases traffic congestion and furthers our climate action goals. It is cheaper in the long run, as shown by roughly 200 cities around the world that have implemented free transit policies, with 27 small towns and colleges in the United States that have fare-free systems — where the cost of fare collection outpaces the revenue it raises.

This country focuses more on fighting wars for special interests instead of finding ways to actually improve quality of life and ensure that everyone can move around their cities and contribute to the overall prosperity of everyone. We must ensure that money going into the military and fossil fuel industries is diverted to help close the inequality gap and boost the economy.

I am fighting for fare-free and expanded public transportation: Transit For All. If we are serious about transportation justice, let's stop playing games and make Transit For All a top social justice policy priority .