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Medicare for All

We are fighting for equitable, quality healthcare for all Americans because healthcare is a human right, not a commodity to be profited off of.

Americans are paying more than every other major country in the world for poorer quality healthcare. Our health outcomes in life expectancy, infant mortality, and chronic conditions (among others) are lagging far behind other wealthy nations. Families are breaking the bank to pay for insulinPrEP, and other life-saving medications. Overall the US pays almost double per person for prescriptions than the average spent per person in ten other high-income countries. Twenty percent of CA-53 residents were uninsured for all or part of 2011-2012, and 20% of adults in San Diego County were uninsured for all or part of 2014-2016. The Affordable Care Act, a good first step, still left many Americans without coverage or struggling afford their new coverage. 


Every other major developed nation has a government-run universal healthcare system (or strict regulations on private insurers) that prevents health insurers from profiting off of people's health. It is time for the richest economy in the world to catch up and cover every American through a single-payer, public system. Medicare for All will be comprised of:

  • Comprehensive coverage, including maternal healthcare and mental healthcare.

  • Equal access to all medical services and treatments.

  • Freedom to choose your own doctor.

  • No cost at the point of service with no premiums, no copays or deductibles, and no additional fees.

  • A transition that includes a jobs and severance guarantee to cover those employees affected by the transition away from the current for-profit, private insurance system. 


In addition, we will fight for a healthcare system that emphasizes healthcare quality, equity, and respect by taking substantial measures to reduce healthcare provider burnout and to address inequalities in patient treatment, especially those experienced by women of color, LGBTQIA+ persons, and the elderly. We're fighting for a system that is oriented to prevention and education, which emphasizes mental health care, prevention of chronic diseases, and increased funding for health research for cancer, obesity, dementia, Parkinson's, diabetes, autism, an HIV vaccine, and other health areas. 


Finally, while the Veterans Health Administration and Indian Health Service will remain in place, individuals who qualify for these services will have the option to use the VA and IHS systems or the same services as the general public. Regardless of an individual's choice in healthcare services, it will be covered under the Medicare for All system.  In addition, adequate attention and funding will be given to reduce the amount of administrative burden and red tape in these systems, to support providers and administrators, and to ensure patients, especially female and trans persons, are treated fairly and have their medical needs fully covered.