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Media Justice

It is time to ensure accurate and fair representation of diverse communities in media.


If we are serious about achieving meaningful, inclusive and safe spaces for diverse communities, we must end inaccurate and racially biased coverage in news outlets, films, TV, radio and online sources. This includes in front and behind the scenes. To get there, we must ensure that teams are built with a diverse group of people, from all socio-economic classes, as well as gender, sexual orientation and race. 

To effectively combat police brutality, gun violence, employment inequality, and economic inequality, it is necessary to reform the criminal justice, education, and immigration systems that disproportionately and negatively affect people of color, portraying them as criminals on screen, on paper and online. Media justice is imperative.

For centuries in our society, mass media has legitimized inequalities in class and race relations through the reproduction of the ideological hegemony of the dominant white culture. It is no surprise that media is structured to harbor and communicate messaging that meets the needs of one dominant culture, that of the upper middle-class and above white-anglo community, our country's ruling class. As this continues, white working families and lower middle-class families struggles also get swept under the rug, while pitting them against POC.

We are fighting to boldly advance a mass media future where everyone has sustained and universal access to open and democratic media coverage, to include fighting for fact based, unbiased information distribution via all technology platforms. I am fighting for a Communications Bill of Rights that emphasizes access, and power for communities that have been historically harmed, disadvantaged and marginalized by persistent dehumanization, discrimination and unfair treatment.

In 2020, we are putting a stop to this, and the ruling class will hear the people's voices. Voices from all communities, regardless of color, gender, sexual orientation, ability, disability, or socio-economic class. Their times of ruling, and their politics of divide and conquer are over.  We, the people, are taking Washington and this country back!