I am fighting for the comprehensive reform of our broken immigration system. I am fighting to restore DACA, Advance Parole, abolish ICE/CBP. I am fighting to create an independent federal agency that is staffed using a merit based promotion system. I am fighting to shut down the migrant concentration camps, return every child to their parents, re-establish the Temporary Protected Status program, and end public funding for all private prisons and other companies banking on our unjust immigration laws. I am fighting to remove the public charge rule and restrict immigration authorities to operate only within the confines of the border and their respective federal agencies, and only where their presence is required by law or allowed by a warrant.

Families have been separated long before this administration took office. It happened to me when I was a child. It is time we start treating people like people. Immigrants should not be treated differently. I will fight to ensure a pathway to citizenship, work permits for undocumented immigrants, and DACA recipients who have been model citizens and strong pillars for the nation's economic growth and well-being. They are our fathers, mothers, siblings and neighbors.