Fair Economy

Our movement will put labor rights, higher wages, better benefits, safer work conditions, public banking, and a federal jobs guarantee at the very top of the national agenda.

Even though labor unions have been very effective in correcting issues to create safe workplaces for employees and ensuring job security, there is still a long way to go to create a level playing field for workers and put their well-being before corporate profits. As companies seek to keep up with the pace of technological advancement, they continue to reduce the number of their employees and their reliance on certain employees, making these workers less competitive in the job market. The government's focus should be on ensuring that the economy works for the people. One job should be enough. While serving under the Obama administration, Joaquín's priorities were fighting to ensure higher labor standards in economic policy in order to protect our workers and jobs.

To continue this fight, we will work to:

  • Raise the minimum wage and ensure jobs offer livable wages.
  • Create training programs for people to work in new technologies, emerging industries, and green/renewable energies for them keep up with societal advancements and changes.
  • Protect labor unions, strengthen workers’ rights, and protect collective bargaining.
  • Defend employee pensions, wages, and jobs in order to protect them from scrutiny.
  • Ensure equal pay for women.
  • Establish a federal jobs guarantee program.
  • Stop protectionist trade policies like high tariffs that end up being paid by consumers and hinder our economy instead of growing it.
  • Create a public bank option that operates in the public interest to effectively reduce taxes by returning profits to the institution's general fund and reduces public project costs for government agencies by not charging interest.
  • Encourage employers to retain hard working employees and fight against layoffs and terminations in order to ensure longterm job stability.