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Our movement will ensure that women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and people of color have the same rights as everyone else, free from discrimination and unequal treatment in housing, healthcare, employment and all aspects of society.

Equal rights means:

  • Defending Roe v. Wade and reproductive rights from conservative judges and state legislatures seeking to infringe on women's autonomy over their bodies. Your state and socioeconomic status should not determine your ability to exercise your right to choose.

  • Ensuring women get equal pay for equal work.  It's time to close the wage gap once and for all, especially for women of color who face an even larger wage gap.

  • Protecting voters from various overt and covert voter suppression tactics.

  • Covering all of the reproductive health needs of transgender individuals under the Veterans Health Administration and Medicare for All.

  • Funding mental health services for LGBTQIA+ individuals, especially youth, and combating in-school and online bullying.

  • Condemning hate speech directed at any group based on any aspect of their identity.

  • Respecting elderly persons and integrating, not relegating them, in our society. 


We should all be able to enjoy a life with equal rights, freedom of expression, and association with any group and/or religion, without discrimination at schools, workplaces or anywhere else.